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Friday, February 06, 2009

German giant Adidas rocks the world with "Me, myself" ad campaign

We may have heard a lot of it, but it's true that impossible standards of beauty continue to be foisted on young women today. Flip through any fashion magazine, and you'll find super skinny girl models on almost every page. Not to mention on billboards, on television and movies and the Internet. Young women feel pressured to live up to this standard of beauty, often to the detriment of their mental and physical well being.

Instead of pressuring women to conform to this impossible standard of beauty, sportswear giant adidas wants to inspire women to be themselves.

As we said, with its new campaign philosophy, ``Me, Myself,'' women are encouraged to be healthy, happy, fit, full of life and be true to who they are. It celebrates women's individuality, confidence and motivation.

To launch the ``Me, Myself'' campaign in Korea, adidas staged a unique fashion show featuring its spring/summer women's wear line at Kring, Daechi-dong, southern Seoul, Wednesday. Korean celebrities like singer Solbi and girl group Afterschool were spotted at the event.

At the fashion show, fitness buffs demonstrated various kinds of activities like aerobics, dance, yoga and jump rope, while wearing adidas' newest line of sportswear.

After the fitness demonstration, models walked the runway wearing key looks from the spring/summer collection lines, adilibria, Clima 365, Yatra and Techfit Powerweb Yoga.

Unlike in most fashion shows with gaunt-looking models, the adidas models were healthy and glowing. They showed that women could look stylish while working out at the gym, doing complicated yoga moves or swimming in the pool.

It’s incredible that women can go to the beach in the sporty but cute two-piece adidas swimsuits. It comes in a black two-piece swimsuit with the distinctive adidas three stripes, or with white swimsuit with feminine floral prints.

Adidas' hooded jackets and track pants in red and black are comfortable but fashionable enough to be worn at the time hanging out with friends.

The worldwide ad campaign features ordinary women, alongside sports stars like Serbian tennis player Ana Ivanovic, American basketball popular player Candace Parker, Mexican taekwondo athlete Iridia Salazar and Japanese beach volleyball player Miwa Asao.

``The new adidas philosophy of `Me, Myself' is inspiring to me because it shows women as individuals; that we are all athletes in our own right and that we all have things that we do differently whatever level of athlete we are,'' Ivanovic expressed in a statement.

The ``Me, Myself'' campaign features honest, intimate portraits of young women, showing them in their daily lives while participating in fitness or sports activities.

``The spirit and heartbeat of 'Me, Myself' is about shifting the emphasis and importance very clearly and decisively onto the woman herself,'' the company expressed.

Adidas also introduced the new adidas women's Web site. Women can browse through the different styles and items in the collection, personalize the colors and mix-and-match the outfits.

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Michael Phelps doubtful about London Olympic clashs

Embattled Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps now says he's contemplating whether or not he will compete at the 2012 London clashs.

"This is a decision of mine that I'm not going to make today and I'm not going to make tomorrow," Phelps told The Baltimore Sun.

The popular Phelps, who was photographed smoking marijuana out of a bong, expressed he "clearly made a mistake" and that the past week has been both embarrassing and uncomfortable for him.

"It's going to require a lot of time and energy and a lot of thinking for myself - but also talking to [coach] Bob [Bowman] and talking to my family and just deciding what I want to do."

Asked if he still aims to achieve something after winning 14 gold medals - eight alone at last summer's Beijing clashs - Phelps expressed, "Yeah, there are still goals that I have in the pool ... I'm not going to let anything stand in my way."

The now controversial Phelps also expressed that it decides "to walk away, I'll decide to walk away on my own terms. If it's now, if it's four years, who knows."

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American gold at World Cup women's bobsled

The U.S. bobsledder Shauna Rohbock drove two near-perfect runs at the Whistler Sliding Centre Friday to win her fourth medal on the World Cup circuit this season.

Indeed, the 31-year-old from Provo, Utah and brakeman Elana Meyers piloted the USA 1 sled to a combined time of 1:47.10 to edge Canadian Kaillie Humphries by less than two-tenths of a second.

American Erin Pac was third with a two-race time of 1:47.40 in the inaugural event at the site of the sled events for the 2010 Olympics.

It’s interesting to mention that Humphries, from Calgary, and brakeman Heather Moyse of PEI, logged the fastest push start in the Canada 2 sled in the first heat, but couldn't overtake the Americans in the second.

Rohbock finished with the fastest times in both races on the 16-turn, 1,450-kilometre concrete refrigerated track.

As we know, German pilot Sandra Kiriasis, the top racer on the World Cup circuit this year, and brakeman Patricia Polifka struggled in their push-starts to wind up fifth in the 20-sled field.

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