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Thursday, February 26, 2009

David Beckham unothorized image use in New Viagra Ad

Popular soccer player David Beckham has appeared in a Chinese advert alongside Keanu Reeves and Sean Connery, promoting a product similar to Viagra.

In fact, a Spanish newspaper assures that the advert has interviews with the persons mentioned but has dubbed the words and changed them to promote Selikon.

England midfielder Beckham appears for about 30 seconds in the commercial and speaks about himself, in addition to his wife, Victoria.

"You want to know how I keep myself hard on the pitch?" he asks.

"The American medicine, Selikon, is of great help. And it is also my secret weapon with Victoria."

Reeves follows Becks and states that the pills, which also have medicinal purposes, have left him feeling "perfect" and that they have "surprised me pleasantly, along with my girlfriends."

Connery, who is most famous for his role as James Bond, talks a little about his role as 007 thanks to the pills.

"I have just reached 70 and, after taking these pills, Barbara has told me that I am like the James Bond of 25-years ago. I mustld my friends that they must use them," he says.

The video, which can be watched here, has reportedly angered Beckham but he has not publicly spoken on the subject yet.

The famous footballer is a big star in China and pills such as the brand advertised are also used frequently in the country.

Talking about the commercial, a spokesman from the company that manufactures the pills stated that they had received the green light from local authorities and that the advert has been received well.

Indeed, according to attorneys in China, there is a opportunity that the commercial could be deemed legal because stars are allowed to be used to advertise products that promote public health. The controversy just begun.

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