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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Olympics: United States considers boycotting as an option

How should we understand the United States position about the political controversy of the Olympic Games? REcently, they assured that consider that boycotting the Beijing Olympics could be an extreme option - yet possible - if China was unable to guarantee athlete safety.

United States Olympic Committee chief Jim Scherr expressed that "If there is a point that we cannot guarantee the safety of the delegation we would look at whether or not we would send a team,".

"Despite it, I want to mention that we feel absolutely good about China's preparations on security and the safety of our delegation.

If they are thinking about boycotting, they must not feel absolutely good with the Asian host after all. I think that the social problem in China has its origin centuries ago, and it will not change in a few months. But United States' position not being as direct as France, it's a sign of how powerful China can be even for the American nation.

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