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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Athletics: Dwain Chambers goes for the world title

The famous British sprinter Dwain Chambers intends to shrug off his dope-tainted past and earn a golden medal at the world indoor championships.

Indeed, the talented runner, who served a two-year suspension for testing positive from 2004-2006, believes he has a great chance of medalling in Friday's 60m final.

"Fortunately, I'm rested and in the right frame of mind," he notice. "I want to get into gear in the first round and then see what I am up against with the opposition. Then I want to win a medal for my nation."

It's important to mention that Chambers, the winner of the 2002 European 100m, completed a two-year doping ban in 2006 after being caught up in the infamous BALCO doping case.

And some days after he completed his suspension he helped Britain to win a 4x100m relay gold medal at the 2006 European Championships.

Despite that story, he attempted to start a career in American Football and did not undergo any athletics-instigated drug tests before his return to the sport this winter.

In fact, Niels de Vos, the chief executive of UK Athletics, initially tried to prevent Chambers from competing in the World Championships trials last month, arguing that he had not been available for drug testing for the 12 months leading up to the meet.

But de Vos had no legal grounds to stop Chambers competing nor, after he won the trials, could UK Athletics avoid picking him.

"Yes, they've been liaising with my lawyers so I've just obviously got to keep myself out of it and do things the right way," expressed Chambers.

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