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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Olympic Games: British athletes will be tested for drugs before the Olympics

One of the rules for the Beijing Olympics now covers the athletes of the United Kigdom. Everyone of them will be drug tested at least once in the run-up to this summer's games.

According to official sources, the country's most comprehensive pre-Olympic testing program will belaunched with more than 1,500 tests set to be administered on the athletes competing at the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

In fact, this program started on Jan. 1 and will last until the opening of the Olympic village in Beijing on July 27, 12 days before the opening act.

It's importan to notice that from July 27, the World Anti-Doping Agency will supervise tests on all athletes in conjunction with the Chinese organizing committee. About 4,500 doping tests will be carried out during the Aug. 8-24 event in line with the International Olympic Committee's zero-tolerance policy.

"Tests will be planned using our intelligence based testing approach which focuses the allocation of tests around where they have a great impact in terms of detection and deterrence," John Scott expressed, director of drug-free sport for Britain's national anti-doping organization.

In fact, Scott wants sprinter Dwain Chambers, who went trough a two-year ban for using the steroid THG, to help UK Sport coordinate and target its testing by giving full details of his former doping practices.

As we know, Chambers won a silver medal in the 60 meters at the recent World Indoor Championships in Valencia, Spain, but is ineligible for the Beijing Games because of Britain's lifetime Olympic ban on doping offenders.

"ACtually, we don't know who else was also in the know, whether there are people still in the system he worked with who have not been removed from that system," Scott stated. "We don't know enough about the precise regime he took. However, we can offer Dwain a chance to help improve the system and stop people making the mistake he made, which if he is truly contrite then surely that is something he would want to do."

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