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Sunday, January 14, 2007

F1: Ferrari unveals their spectacular new bolid

It is a really expected anouncement and Ferrari's director of the chassis department Aldo Costa knew it. That's why he said the new F2007 is a development of last year's machine as the Italian squad seek continuity.

We must consider that Costa, who replaces Ross Brawn as Ferrari's tech chief following the Briton's decision to take a sabbatical, assures the Maranello squad have changed their approach compared to last season when designing the new F2007.

Indeed, Ferrari finished as runners-up to Renault in last year's championship, but the Italian team looked like the ones to beat in the latter part of the season, winning four of the last five races.

And the squad had new reasons to go for a more conservative approach when creating this year's car.

"In fact, the methodology of the project and the development of the car has been under the sign of continuity," stated Costa. "Last year we adopted an aggressive approach and this year we are going to work with the same rhythm in development as in 2006. This was our goal and we hit our target.

"It's good to say that the aerodynamics have been completely remodelled; above all the front suspension, the air inlets on the main body and the rear axle are tighter and more tapered, to benefit also from the new architecture of the gear box.

"and our team has also modified the disposition and the inclination of the radiator. As far as the rear suspension is concerned, it is continuing to evolve.

"So, this new car is the one that will debut and has the same wings as the one in 2006. The car, which will go to start at the first GP, will have optimized wings, while this is just a provisional version. The F2007 is however definitive in its structure."

Finally, we must mention that the F2007 will make its track debut tomorrow at the Fiorano circuit. Good luck for Ferrari.