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Friday, January 12, 2007

Football soccer: Know Beckham's millionaire move to LA Galaxy

David Beckham is in the top of the atention now that his transfer to Los Angeles Galaxy was comfirmed. But the talented player insisted he's coming to the MLS to play soccer, not build a Hollywood career.

"I'm coming there to make a difference. I'm coming there to play good football," Beckham stated Friday via satellite from Madrid. "I'm not saying me coming to the States is going to make soccer the biggest sport in America. ... But I think soccer has a really huge potential. I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't believe in this project. in fact, this could create something that we've all never seen before."

Wearing a elegant black suit with white shirt, David Beckham shared his thoughts a day after agreeing to a five-year contract with the LA Galaxy that could be worth US$250 million.

"It's good to know that David is still a very good player," said Tim Leiweke of AEG, the sports and entertainment company that runs the Galaxy. "Peyton Manning in football, the other football, Allen Iverson in basketball and Tiger Woods in golf are all the same age (31) as Beckham.

"I'm sure that he will bring an audience, a fan base and an intensity to our sport that we've never had."

It's interesting to know that the Galaxy didn't say exactly what they'll pay him. Their $250-million figure includes salary and commercial endorsements over the length of Beckham's contract. Amazingly, his move could be worth $1 million a week.