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Saturday, August 11, 2007

F1: Fernando Alonso is not leaving McLaren

After so many rumours around Fernando Alonso's future, his manager has denied the version of McLaren dismissing the racer.

Indee, "The Times" claimed earlier this week that McLaren are prepared to say goodbye to Alonso at the end of the season after a turbulent weekend for the squad in Hungary.

"Fernando Alonso has been informed by Ron Dennis, the McLaren Mercedes team principal, that he can leave at the end of this season," the mentioned media said.

But the double World Champion's manager Luis Garcia Abad has rubbished the report, saying that Dennis and Alonso both desire the Spaniard to see out his contract.

"I spoke with Dennis and he told me the Times story is just not true," Abad assured. "I know that his intention is that the contract is to be fulfilled normally."

As for the speculation that Alonso wants to return to Renault, he firmly expressed: "We went to McLaren to win races and a third World Championship.

"Yes, that is our only goal, and at the moment it seems only achievable at McLaren and Ferrari."

It's important to notice that Alonso is contracted to McLaren until the end of the 2009 F1 season.



Blogger Australian Motorsport Forums said...

Alonso won't leave McLaren next year as that would mean he'd have to break his contract which would cost a lot of money. The only team that would dare try to buy Fernando from his contract is Toyota, yet Alonso only wants to be at a successful team, which I don't think Toyota will ever be. He'll be at McLaren in 2008 but once the contract finishes he'll run to Renault for 2009.

5:42 AM  

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