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Sunday, December 31, 2006

What's the most important story of 2006?

I'd like you readers to help me chose which is the most important story of this year in the sports world. Here are the options:

Allen Iverson leaving the 76ers:

Perhaps one of the most important player of NBA history, and the greatest player in Philadelphia, Allen Iverson had an end that was different from every fan's dream. The player had differences with the coach and the president. So he decided to move to Denver Nuggets.

Amazing Football World Cup full of emotions:

Football, the most popularsport in the World, had its greatest party in Germany. And nobody was dissapointed: Excellent teams, great games and incredible stories. The most important facts: Italy won the Cup after 24 years, Zidane's headbutt shocked everybody, Germany made a great Cup and Cristiano Ronaldo proved to be a World Class player.

Spain get the Basketball World Title

Basketball is one of the most important and millionaire sports in the World, specially in the United States. But this year's World Championship proved that some other countries can develop a game that is stronger than the American NBA "Dream Team". Spain won the Cup, and everybody in the Iberic nation is happy for the most important achievement of their country.

Roger Federer ruled the Tennis World:

Roger Federer is in the most important moment of his career. Indeed, the tennis players made all four Grand Slam finals, got dusted by Rafael Nadal on French clay, but strolled through the rest. Indeed, Federer was in the final of 16 of the 17 tournaments he contested on the ATP Tour and his overall win-loss record was an awesome 92-5. We can say that Federer’s closest challenger for the next year is the guy in his shaving mirror.

Tiger Woods' amazing year:

Tiger Woods was the king of the PGA Tour in 2006 with 8 victories, including 2 majors, 2 world golf championships and a 6 tournament winning streak on the PGA Tour to end the year. We can say that Tiger's dominance was so pronounced that for the first time in recent memory a golfer was less than even cash to win a tournament when Tiger was listed as low as 4/5 at some sportsbooks to win the Target World Challenge.

Feel free to comment this options and say your winner.