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Monday, September 11, 2006

Tennis: Tiger Woods supported Federer in the US Open

It was a really especial moment in his life, for sure. Roger Federer has won nine of his 10 grand slam finals but the 25-year-old Swiss said he was nervous playing in front of his new friend, the golf champion Tiger Woods.

Indeed, the world number one golfer attended the US Open final as Federer's guest, sitting in the front row of the players' box to see how he beat American Andy Roddick on Sunday.

Federer expressed despite all the pressure surrounding the grand slam tournament final, he was aware of Woods' presence.

“I'm sure you get that feeling. It's like maybe the first time your parents see you do something special, or somebody comes to you, you really maybe look up to,” Federer admitted.

“For me, it's like when I go out there and I see Tiger sitting there, it's like, I try to play well, you know? I try to kind of get my act together and focus and get off to a good start.”

Federer did just that, taking the first set from Roddick in 29 minutes to set the tone for his triumph.

The Swiss said he and Woods, who has dominated golf in much the same way as he has ruled tennis, had been trying to arrange a get together for some time.

“More and more often, over the last year or so I've been kind of compared to Tiger, what he's doing on the golf tour, me doing on the tennis tour. So today was kind of the day where finally we got to meet and chat some more time.