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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Football Soccer: The World Cup Experience

The Football World Cup Germany 2006 ended on July 9th with Italy lifting the trophy and France crying in the second place. It certainly was a great tournament, with many experiences that all the fans can learn from:

Ronaldinho and Brazil: After their disappointing performance, the Real Madrid Syndrom is confirmed again. Eleven great footballers don't make a great team. And most of the time, eleven great players make a really bad team, since they all want to play at their own pace.

Zidane: A brilliant player with a remarkable career. It's hard to believe that so many years of glorius football was ruined by a second of anger. The header he gave to Materazzi will never be forgotten.

Italy: Their league is drowned with corruption scandals and many clubs have been punished, but their football is so professional that the managed to beat everyone in the Cup anyway. They are the true champions.