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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Nike and Apple help you exercise better

Nike and Apple launch a great function for a popular product. The popularity of Apple's iPod Nano reached the sports fans, runners and athletes in general, so Nike decided in May it was time to add some fun to regular jogging shoes. This is how the Nike+iPod Sports Kit was born.

Indeed, once you get in your shoes, a type of sport shoes that, by using some sensors, can transmit to the iPod through wireless connection information on the type of exercising made, the number of kilometers made, the burnt calories and so on. The data can be saved and seen later, but the interoperability works both ways with the iPod offering an adequate musical background for various physical exercising. What's more, the famous music download service iTunes included a special section dedicated to Nike Sport Music.

However, some say that listening to music while running is not that safe. Researchers in computer science and engineering at the University of Washington say there are serious privacy breaches posed by the gadget, which is marketed to runners but may be equally attractive to stalkers and thieves.

We would have to be really careful about that. And Apple is working on offering a better security.



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